Regal Funding

About Regal Funding – "The Legal Funding Specialists"

Injuries can take a long time to heal, and sometimes the money to help can take even longer. We can speed up the process for you and help you get through the waiting period; because we know it can sometimes be the hardest part. Regal Funding gives personal-injury victims and lawsuit plaintiffs the ability to pay expenses and necessities, and also manage cash flow while awaiting the resolution of their cases. To support these loans, we will place a lien on a portion of the future proceeds of your lawsuit and deal directly with your attorneys. You won't have to be bothered by loan companies trying to collect fees from you with phone calls and letters; we deal directly with the law firms who are fighting hard to work out the best deal for you. We can get you the cash as quickly as the same day in some cases, and we're very flexible in terms of payment options. Regal Funding has personal injury attorneys on hand who can evaluate your case in less than 24 hours and make the best plan for you, your attorney and your case.

Regal Funding loans can also help you pay for expensive medical procedures and medical debts. If you can't get insurance to pay for the medical expenses from your injury, Regal Funding can give you the money you need TODAY because we understand what really comes first. Putting off a medical procedure isn't always possible for some people, you need the ability to make the decision yourself and Regal Funding can give you the power. Don't let the insurance companies dictate your personal health...get the money you need to get you or your family back on your feet.